Mr.Z Coolism Foam Pillow Second Generation

Mr.Z Coolism Foam Pillow Second Generation

Mr.Z Coolism Foam Pillow Second Generation

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Fully upgraded drying speed, comfort and appearance
Wavy pillow support
Tiered height adjustment

Washable memory foam
Breathable, sweat-wicking and refreshing
This new memory foam material was developed by Mr. Hayao
The three-dimensional interlocking pore structure creates tens of thousands of water channels, making the pillow
has the ability to absorb and drain water quickly

The pillow breathes.
Reduces the feeling of stuffiness during sleep.
The hot and humid air in the head and neck area during sleep is conveyed through the layers of Pure Cool Memory Foam.

365 days of care with the pillow
Two height adjustments
To cater for the height needs of different people, the pillow is divided into two layers inside.
One layer for the neck pillow and one layer for the 2cm height spacer.

Two-way high and low sleeper
Cervical care
Wave design, high and low available, zero pressure relief on the surface for relaxed sleep.

Upgraded for quicker drying
Every detail, easy drying
Ventilated layers for quicker drying after washing the pillow.

Australia-wide delivery
Shipping our mattresses, pillows and other items across Australia

Provide delivery, installation, recycling of old beds
Provide service delivery, installation, and recycling of used beds for all mattresses.

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