Airland was born in Hong Kong in 1966. So far, it has gone through 50 years of ups and downs.

Focusing on quality and demanding details, "Airland" has created a well-known excellent quality, and has successfully built itself into a well-known brand at home and abroad.

As early as 1982, Airland won the quality mark certificate (Q-MARK) submitted by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (the first company in the industry to receive this honor), and has since obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, super brand, national inspection-free mark, Domestic well-known trademark, China environmental protection label product certification and other awards. In the domestic industry, Airland's production, sales, profits and taxes are among the best; in Southeast Asia, Airland is a well-known brand, exported to the United States, Australia, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand and other countries, and is deeply loved by consumers.


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