About Us

Sleepmart-Sleep Center was established in Sydney, Australia in 2003. With the purpose of "focusing on adding value to customers' sleep", it uses sleep technology measurement equipment to accurately detect your sleep needs. In the past 20 years, we have provided sleep solutions and high-quality sleep products to more than 20,000 customers, and won the Import Service Achievement Award from the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Australia in 2023.

Our sleep consultants have a wealth of sleep knowledge, and choose exclusive pillows and mattresses for different ages, weights, heights, body curves and sleeping habits, so that each part of the body can be fully supported and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy Healthier Sleep, Healthier Life!

Sleepmart-Sleep Center is the exclusive agent of famous Asian brands in Australia: Airland Mattress, Afontine Bedding, DPM, Fuana, ProSleep, Dr. Pillow, Sinomax and Mr.Z, products include various soft and hard mattresses, customized mattresses , smart pillows, children's pillows, neck pillows, organic health pillows, patented modern silk quilt covers, silk wool quilts (patented heart button design), full silk quilts, aloe vera fiber quilts, office waist support products and other more than 300 kinds of bedding products.