What is Silver ions?

An ion is a metallic chemical natural mineral element, which is the metallic electron of a positive metal, and its silver state silver band (silver state) silver band (silver equivalent). , such as Ag1+, Ag2+, Ag3+, etc. exist in the form of antibacterial, and silver ions have oxidation effect and have extremely high bactericidal ability.


Silver Ion ENPOWER™️

The ENPOWER® adopts the Japanese NOVARON silver ion antibacterial coating technology. Silver ions are actually positively charged inorganic natural mineral elements, which are non-toxic and can effectively and continuously adsorb and destroy microbial cells such as bacteria and molds. While creating an antibacterial barrier, it is gentle on the skin without causing irritation or skin sensitivity. This technology has obtained the Japan SIAA (Antibacterial Product Technology Association) antibacterial test certification, effectively killing more than 97% of bacteria; at the same time, it has obtained the safety certification of the US FDA Food and Drug Administration, which can definitely give everyone a good night's sleep.