DPM was founded by Dr. Xu Zhangrong in 2014. It advocates scientific sleep and tailors sleep plans through high-tech measurements. Its products include mattresses and pillows. There are many mattress brands, but only DPM can patent mattresses and pillows.

"Many things cannot be considered purely commercial. It is a good thing that DPM can provide services for changing human cervical and lumbar spine problems."
– Dr. Xu Zhangrong, founder of DPM

Many people don't know much about DPM. In fact, this company has a background in the sleep field for more than 40 years in Hong Kong. She is also a sister company of the famous brand Afontine.

The DPM Pillow Selector developed by the brand can scientifically select the suitable pillow size by measuring the shoulder width and neck curvature. DPM is committed to creating scientific and healthy sleep products, won the 2016 Red Dot Award, and twice won the Gold Award for Invention in Geneva, Switzerland.

DPM® Professional R&D Team

How did you choose a mattress in the past? Just the subjective feeling of trying to sleep for a few minutes? Or just listen to the brief introduction of the clerk? DPM™ breaks traditional limitations and brings you a new shopping experience with innovative measurement technology. Choosing a mattress for yourself and your family has since become scientific and simple.

DPM™ believes that only after years of repeated exploration and research can it stand the test and become a good pillow and a good mattress. In the process of product research and development, DPM™ gathers the opinions of experts from traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic, and Western physiotherapy, etc., to design the bedding with equal emphasis on "comfort" and "health". It combines people-oriented design with scientific data, and is committed to You create exclusive comfort that is 100% tailor-made.

Today, we redefine "healthy sleep".

In October 2018, Prof. Szeto Pei-yu (Professor of Physiotherapy at Tung Wah College, Professor of Rehabilitation at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for the past 20 years) announced at Sleep DownUnder Annual Scientific Meeting 2018 his "Replacement of mattresses and pillows for chronic neck and back Does Spinal Muscle Activity and Sleep Efficiency Affect In Pain? A Pilot Study."

The study investigated the effects of sleeping on a specially designed mattress (Point-to-Point®, DPM Sleep Solution Ltd.) on spinal muscle activity, and also assessed sleep efficiency and subjective pain scores before and after mattress testing.

After two weeks of testing, results showed decreased spinal muscle activity in the neck and back area when participants lay down on the Peer-to-Peer® mattress. This would be a new way to treat these musculoskeletal disorders to improve sleep quality.


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