Mattress size

The single bed can provide enough sleeping space for a single person. It is compact and ideal for children's bedrooms as well as apartment and studio living.

The king single bed is perfect for growing kids and teens. King single beds are wider and longer than traditional single beds. We recommend considering a king-size single bed for a taller child.

The double bed is slightly shorter but wider than the large single bed. It's big enough for two adults who aren't very tall to share comfortably. People looking for a mattress for a guest room usually opt for a double bed because it's wide enough to accommodate multiple people.

Queen Size beds are the most popular mattress size. The extra space is perfect for individuals who want more space, couples of all ages, and parents with children.

Before you buy a King Size mattress, keep in mind that it is about the width of 2 single beds combined. This is a very large bed that will take up a lot of precious bedroom space. If your bedroom is over 10x10 feet in size, a King Size mattress is an option. Whether you're sleeping with a baby or 7 to 12 cats, the King Size mattress has you covered.

Like to sleep more stretched? The Super King Size bed is one level higher than the King Size bed, and the width is increased by 20 cm, allowing you to sleep very comfortably.

Does none of the above meet your requirements? We can customize your mattress specially according to your requirements.