DPM Point-to-Point Pillow

DPM Point-to-Point Pillow
DPM Point-to-Point Pillow

DPM Point-to-Point Pillow

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DPM Point-to-Point Pillow

The Point-to-Point® pillow was designed by a global team of scientists and sleep technologists and has been awarded the Geneva International Gold Medal for Inventions for innovation and technical contributions to improving sleep and health.

Sleeping on your back:
DPM® patented pillow core design, the central back sleeping area that fits the head shape, and the slightly raised side sleeping area, and are divided into 3 basic sizes according to different body types.

Head Cushion:
The comfortable and random assembly design perfectly fits the head shape and line of different people, provides good support, and allows you to easily find the most comfortable sleeping angle.

Two neck support widths:
It can be matched with the length of the neck, so that the support fits the curve of the head and neck more.


Three different side sleeping thicknesses to choose from

Height adjustment pad:
It can help the pillow to be adjusted to four different heights, matching the shoulder and neck size, so that the height of the pillow can be as high as you want, ensuring the most natural curvature of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae, and sleeping on the back and side can get the most comfortable support.

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