Tips to make your baby sleep more comfortable

Keep your sleeping place comfortable
Many newborn babies don't like a crib with a lot of space, so try to use a pram or bassinet for the first few weeks to make it more comfortable for your baby. Make sure the mattress is firm and free of things like pillows or fluffy blankets that could suffocate your baby, or use a swaddle to wrap your baby comfortably.

temperature control
Newborn babies don't like rooms that are too hot or too cold, and overheating can be dangerous for newborns.

keep baby active
Activities can comfort your newborn baby and help him sleep. Try rocking, tapping, or rocking your baby to the music.

make some background sounds
Background sounds can soothe a newborn baby, as can light music or the harmless noise of a fan.

Don't ignore daytime naps
You may keep your baby awake during the day - even if he wants to sleep, so that he sleeps "more soundly" at night. However, this method will not work because it will overtire the baby. Babies who are overtired have more problems than well-rested babies. However, if your baby is black and white, try to control his nap time and allow him to move more when he is awake.

If your baby wakes up at night to eat
Try to feed them in a dark room, and keep talking and irritation to a minimum during feedings, burping, and diaper changes. If your baby wakes up to eat during the day, adding more light, talking more, and stimulating him can help your newborn develop the awareness that night is bedtime and daytime is playtime.

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